Bylaw 2023-001 Base Tax Bylaw

Bylaw 2022-001 Utility Rates Bylaw

Bylaw 2021-006 Heritage Designation Repealing Bylaw

Bylaw 2021-005 Pest Control

Bylaw 2021-004 Repealing Bylaw

Bylaw 2021-003 Waterwolf Official Community Plan

Bylaw 2021-001 Traffic Bylaw

Bylaw 2020-002 Water Wolf Planning District Agreement

Bylaw 2020-001 Borrowing Bylaw

Bylaw 2019-004 Animal Control Bylaw

Bylaw 2019-003 Emergency Measures Organization

Bylaw 2019-002 Bylaw Enforcement Officer Bylaw

Bylaw 2019-001 Bylaw to Provide for the Closing or Selling of a Municipal Road

Bylaw 2018-003 Nuisance Abatement

Bylaw 2018-002 Repealing of Bylaw 1-61 Unsightly Premises

Bylaw 2018-001 Destruction of Documents

Bylaw 2017-001 Code of Ethics for Council Members

Bylaw 2016-001 Council Procedures

Bylaw 2015-001 Recover Protective Services Costs

Bylaw 2013-003 Building Bylaw

Bylaw 2013-002 Zoning Bylaw

Bylaw 1-2006 Enter Agreement for Reconstituting Coteau Hills Rural Water Pipeline Association

Bylaw 6-2005 General Penalty for Contravention of Bylaws

Bylaw 4-2005 Public Notice Policy

Bylaw 1-2005 Establish a Fee to Appeal Assessments

Bylaw 2-2003 Establish Discount Rates on Current Year Taxes

Bylaw 2-2002 Entering Agreement for Fire Protection

Bylaw 1-2002 Entering Agreement for Fire Protection

Bylaw 2-2001 Entering Agreement for Fire Protection

Bylaw 1-2001 Entering Agreement for Fire Protection

Bylaw 1-97 Classify, License, Regulate & Govern Transient Traders Contractors

Bylaw 1-1996 Amendment to Bylaw 3-95

Bylaw 1-1995 Amendment to Bylaw 1-93 Public Utility Board

Bylaw 1-94 Control and Regulate Noise

Bylaw 1-93 Establishing a Public Utility Board

Bylaw 4-92 Enter into a Public Rental Housing Agreement

Bylaw 2-83 Provide for the closing of a certain laneway

Bylaw 1-77 Low Rental Housing – Seniors

Bylaw 2-75 Sick Leave for Employees

Bylaw 1-74 Regarding Snowmobiles

Bylaw 4-73 Regulate and Control Disposal Site

Bylaw 3-73 Dispense of Mailing Assessment Notices

Bylaw 2-70 Increase the Number of Councilors

Bylaw 5-68 Regulate Plumbing, Drainage and Sewage Disposal

Bylaw 3-66 Regional Library

Bylaw 1-65 Scavenging System

Bylaw 1-58 General Precautions Against Fire